The Sasha del Mar Show

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Sasha del Mar, a 50-year-old divorcee who was born in Peru and lives in South Florida, doesn’t speak much English, but that’s okay with us because she talks dirty in Spanish, and we have sub-titles so you’ll know what she’s saying. Of course, Sasha’s body gets its message across without any translation. She’s curvy with big tits, a big ass and a pierced pussy.

“This is all for you,” Sasha tells us. She’s wearing a tight red dress that really shows off her curves. She’s very proud of her ass, as she should be. It’s big, round and bangable. She spends a good portion of this video on her hands and knees, stuffing that big ass in your face, but then she flips over onto her back to finish herself off, cumming hard.

Sasha is a mother of two. Her tits are D-cups and she measures 44 inches around her hips. She works in home health care. We can only imagine what that consists of. “Heal me, Sasha!”

“Most men love my ass,” she said. “I love being watched while having sex. For instance, when I go to the swingers club, I love the singles side because more people watch me. It’s amazing.”

She’s amazing.

Sasha’s hobby: “Dancing,” she said. “In my spare time, I have sex. I always dress sexy. I like to show off my boobs and booty.”

Thanks for the show, Sasha.