Maddie Cross and her son’s best friend

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Maddie Cross, the 55-year-old wife and mom who has become an instant sensation here at, has some alone time. Her husband and son are gone, so she sits on her couch, lies back, spreads her legs and starts playing with her pussy through her crotchless panties. Maddie is enjoying herself, but she doesn’t know that someone else is enjoying her at the same time: Nicky, her son’s best friend, who’s watching her through her sliding-glass doors. He actually takes out his cock and starts jacking off in broad daylight, and Maddie catches him.

“Nicky, get in here,” she says. “You’re out there jacking off. You’ve been doing this a while. I can tell.”

“Sorry,” he says, feebly.

“I’m going to teach your ass a lesson,” she says.

Uh-oh. Now he’s really in trouble…or is he?

“Today, you’re gonna fuck me,” she says.

“What about Mr. Cross?” he says.

“This is just between you and me. I’m going to teach you a big lesson.”

Sounds like a damn good lesson, especially when Mrs. Cross has him sit down and starts sucking his cock. And his balls. And sits on his face and grinds her cunt into his mouth, her tits hanging enticingly. And lies back so he can eat her pussy. And bounces up and down on his rod. And he fucks her big, tan-lined tits and cums all over them.

We’re kinda wondering what lesson Nicky learned from this. Always peep on hot MILFs while they’re masturbating? Okay!