There’s Something About Bridgette B .

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Bridgette B. gives this dude one of the best private dances and fucks he’s ever had in his life. One of the hottest and prettiest porn stars currently boning her brains out, Bridgette B. is a blonde Spanish doll who’s been living in Los Angeles for almost twenty years.

In 2007, Bridgette decided to change careers and do what she does best: being a beautiful love doll for horndogs like us to jack over in videos and pictorials. In this scene, she dances for Rubino in a private room with a bed ready to be stained with pussy juices and man-sauce.

Kneeling before the seated Rubino, Bridgette strokes, tit-wanks and blows his bone to perfection. She is one of those LA babes who likes to heavily drool, spit, choke and gag on the cock, something all self-respecting porn girls should be skilled at. She is not a “dry head-sucker.”

Once Rubino’s shaft has been thoroughly spit-roasted by Bridgette’s sexy mouth, she gets on her back to be tit-fucked and then her cunt is spread and pounded. Now…where should the nut-juice land? Her beautiful face? Her big, beautiful boobs?

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“There’s Something About Bridgette.” What is it?

She’s a human fuck toy.