Stephanie Stalls Busts Him In The Face

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Stephanie Stalls is a big-boobed sucker for long, thick cocks. She’s eager to get that hard beef in her pussy but first she wants to get on her knees and suck it good and get it wet, the easier to wedge it all the way in in her stripper hole. Eventually she’ll get totally naked but she loves to keep her skyscraper heels on until she gets a spurting load, unless they interfere with one of the tit-shaking porn-positions she gets put through in the studio.

Stephanie likes shooting SCORE videos and pictorials because she knows she’ll be getting fuck partners with the kind of dicks that make her cum.

Stephanie is one of these girls who likes to look at the camera and smile without any direction, knowing that at any given time, someone will be looking at one of her videos and beating off. That gives her a lot of pleasure, the same kind of rush she gets from stripping on-stage before a live audience of horny guys and exposing her pussy and perky nipples a foot from their face.