My Brother’s Hot Wife Brooklyn Springvalley

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Brick Danger shows up to visit his brother but he’s not home. His hot wife Brooklyn Springvalley answers the door. Every time Brick sees Brooklyn and her incredible rack, he gets flustered, a victim of big boob brain freeze, an affliction that attacks countless numbers. There is no cure nor is one being sought.

Brooklyn is wearing a halter top and shorts. Brick tries to not eye-bang her and is about to leave but Brooklyn stops him and pulls him into the bedroom for an afternoon quickie before hubby gets home. Brick has daydreamed about fucking his brother’s wife since they’ve been married. Brooklyn is in the mood to make that fantasy true. Timing is everything.

It’s difficult to understand why any man with a hot wife who looks like Brooklyn Springvalley and has huge, sexy tits would leave the house for anything as unimportant as a job, especially with a guy named Brick Danger dropping by, but it takes all kinds.

Brooklyn gets busy when they fall into bed. She hovers over Brick and deep-throats him, squeezes his boner between her enormous breasts and rides his dick like the bucking bronco machine at a country-western bar.