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In this scene, Minka talks dirtier than she’s ever done before, liberally dropping the F-bombs, and there’s a more sexually assured glow in her eyes.

Minka is much more dominant and assertive. She aggressively pulls down Carlos’ pants and directs him in how he should fuck her huge tits by sliding his cock under her bra. This is a great way to keep tits squeezed together hands-free for boob-fucking and gives the cock a tighter passage to slide through.

Minka’s voice has a more demanding, urgent tone, and her lips form a snarl as she talks dirty. Does it come from all that competitive tennis Minka plays? She wasn’t this aggressive during the early years of her porn career.

Carlos had never fucked a woman with tits this big, never met the world’s #1 Asian big-boob queen before. Her tits fascinate him. After this, he later met and fucked Amy Anderssen, so he was primed to get off on super-sized fantasy tits.

Minka has a very different attitude about cock than most porn stars who crave big cocks. While her peer and Las Vegas neighbor Kayla Kleevage seeks out super-hung men, Minka goes in the opposite direction.

“My favorite kind of dick is five inches! Little dicks I enjoy. It’s more exciting. But with big dicks, I cannot move. I can fuck, but it’s hard. Little dicks are much better. I love them.”