Maggie Green: Bikini Babe Takes Brick Dick

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No one can fault Brick Danger for spying on bikini girl Maggie Green as she walks back to her place from the pool. Maggie and her big tits are looking mighty tasty in that swimsuit.

Now here’s some advice for you peeping Toms out there. (Not that you got it from us.) Don’t make a lot of noise when you hide behind the shrubbery and spy on hot women. Because they have super-sensitive hearing and they’ll catch you in the act. That’s what happened to Brick in this scene.

The good part is that Maggie is very accommodating, and when she catches him lurking in the bushes, she doesn’t call the peeper police. She yells at him and demands that he go into her bedroom so she can fuck his brains out. When a bossy bikini babe demands that you bang her, that’s something to write in your diary.

Maggie buries Brick’s face between her big tits, giving him a taste of what’s to come. Still in her bikini, she gives Brick’s dick a deep throat blow job, squeezes it between her boobs and lies back so Brick can lick her bushy pussy. Creamy from his tongue lashing, Maggie takes off the rest of her bikini, gets on top of Brick and gets the first of several Brick dick-downs.