Leah From The Bronx

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She’s Leah Ray from the Bronx, and she has it all: a pretty face, D-cup tits and a big, round ass. About a year ago, she was a restaurant hostess, but now she lists her occupation as “entertainer.” And you know what that means. This former high school cheerleader loves college football (her favorite team is the University of Michigan), baseball (her favorite team is the New York Yankees), going to the beach, shopping and driving fast.

Here’s some more quick info about Lovely Leah:

She wants to fuck in an elevator.
She once fucked in a Ferris wheel overlooking Okinawa, Japan.
She regularly fucks her best friend and her husband.
She says that she’s unsatisfied unless she fucks twice a day.

Think you’re man enough to handle all that fucking? Well, she’s currently single and looking for a partner in crime.