Keeping it Tight

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It takes a lot of working out to keep an ass tight and right. And booty cutie Baby Doll knows that. That’s why she’s giving you the insider’s look at her booty blast workout. And, of course, all that means is that she is going to work her booty until you blast off! Watch her make her ripe cheeks bounce, one at a time, and then make her ass clap. Of course, no ass workout would be complete without some ass slapping and a lot of bending over. Hey, you gotta do what it takes to work that ass out!

Once Baby Doll has worked up a sweat, she takes out the most important tool for toning that tush…her vibrator. (What? It’s a workout accessory!) And then she plugs her cunt until she cums because a good workout tones every muscle, and in Baby’s case, even her pussy muscles get toned.