Jessica Bunnington: Jessy The Coed

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Bimbo class is over for the day and Jessica “Jessy Bunny” Bunnington is eager to enjoy her big tits, pierced nipples and shaved, smooth pussy. All this bimbo talk makes Jessy’s pussy cream. A thick toy satisfies her oral fetish.

“Normally I don’t wear a bra because I love to let my pierced nipples shine through my clothing,” Jessy said. “I wear a bra depending on my mood, maybe if I want to seduce someone, get my tits all the way up there and in their face.”

Jessy wants to get bigger tits, and knowing her, she’s determined to meet her goal. She worships big boobs. She wants gigantic breasts. “As I grew older, this fantasy never vanished,” Jessy wrote. “It was one of the first things for me to increase my boobies, because big boobies are so much cooler than boring naturals.”