Bra-Breaking News: Big Boobs & Bush Politician Gets Fucked

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“The door is locked. Sit down,” Elektra Lamour tells the visitor to her office. He’s applying for the position of Ms. Lamour’s campaign manager. She’s going to lay it all out on the table for this job seeker. Correction. Ms. Lamour is going to lay all out on her desk.

Politicians usually fuck everyone. This politician literally fucks everyone and fucks them really good. She’s aggressive and a goo-getter. As in the goo out of the balls of her male supporters. Elektra also has a pair of the biggest tits at 40DD and the hairiest bush of any female politician in history. In fact, Elektra wanted to change her surname from Lamour to Bush but she’s an independent and didn’t want any association with a political party.

What Elektra wants is the blue-collar voter. So she is interviewing candidates to run her campaign. She wants to reach out and grab them by the balls, something the topheavy titillator is very capable of doing, as this candidate found out in her office.

The former cheerleader has worked her way up the ladder to political sexcess. Elektra was in the military. “I joined when I was 18. The sex was great.” And she enjoys being handcuffed, something most politicians deserve.

Donate to Elektra’s campaign. Give till it squirts.