Alia Janine: Plug ‘N’ Play

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Alia Janine’s toying. Toying with our cocks, that is. And also toying her pussy with a dildo that’s shaped like a dick.

Alia started photo-modeling after she began dancing in topless clubs. That’s always been a natural progression for many girls. They get comfortable showing their bodies on-stage to guys, and it doesn’t take long for many of them, but not all, to want to expand their resumé to pictures and videos. Nearly every one of the original models in SCORE magazine were exotic dancers. It made it easier to find girls to photograph. We could see them naked right away and tell if they made the grade before handing them a business card.

Alia talked about stripping in clubs.

“A couple of my girlfriends who did it introduced me to it. I was bartending at the time, and I wanted to buy a car, so they said, ‘Just go do it.’ So I did. And that was pretty nerve-wracking the first time. I brought one of my girlfriends along. I remember shaking on stage. I kind of danced like I was at a club. I really didn’t know what to do. I mean, my girlfriends showed me a little bit of what to do, but I was still nervous. It took me a week to catch on and get in the groove of things.”

Today, Alia is a stand-up comedian and actress.